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Candidate Iain Robertson Whangarei District Council

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Same old!

Thanks to the people who voted for me. I will watch closely what our representatives do and will stand again in 3 years’ time. A dismal voting turnout however am very happy to be a close 3rd. Plenty of time for me being elected in the future. Same old for Bream Bay 😉 and the WDC for now...

Poor maintenance/general Council & Councillor neglect

Council & Councillor neglect Waipu - Almost all bins Councillors are out of touch with basics. Way more issues than these I encountered on Sunday the 6th of October. This is what public bins look like across Bream Bay almost every week - Peek summer it’s terrible. Pictures Taken: 06/10/19  People obviously are using the bins...even the kids Council and councillors obviously have their heads above the clouds – oblivious to what’s going on at "ground level" Cental Ruakaka Central Ruakaka Whangarei District Council - Mountain Bike Park Parihaka MTB Park - Trail Okay... Pretty obvious this Council asset isn't being maintained aye...

Seal Our Roads!

This photo is RECENT This is a well used road in CENTRAL RUAKAKA Sealing roads in Bream Bay should be a priority and is essential for: Safety Reducing dust Less costs long term for ratepayers via rates and their vehicle expenditure. Less costs for the Whangarei District Council long term  Beter for the environment and climate change - Electric Vehicles need smooth undusty roads... How can we do it: Change Council with a new vision and new people Take roading seriously like councils used to in the past  Don't charge residents $4000 +GST in targeted rates * Current Bream Bay Councilor 🤥 Shelly Deeming claimed Council had voted funds to seal your roads at the recent candidates meeting in Waipu. * Turns out its going to cost residents $4000 +GST 🤬 in targetted rates ... Even though most rural properties dont recieve many of the council ammendenties seen in town! See my other post: Poor Unsealed Road Maintenance In addition to that  I would want to lobby to cen